About Me

Growing up in an average town in Massachusetts for my whole life, I lived in a pretty small bubble. I am still close with the kids I met in elementary school and everyone pretty much knows everyone. We all lived fairly homogeneous lives and I never knew much different.

As I went off to college I knew I wanted to meet new people and learn about the different perspectives they had on life. This is a majority of the reason behind why I decided to attend such a large university. I wanted to be in an environment where I was not only learning in the classroom, but in every interaction I had while there.

Choosing to join the largest club on my university’s campus, the Ski and Board Club, truly molded me into the young woman I am today. Each person has their own unique background, interests, major, and bright futures. The single common denominator we all share is that we enjoy being up in the mountains.

Since I’ve gone away to college in a more rural area than my hometown, I have become more focused on health and sustainability both for myself and the earth. I have been working on eating a healthy diet and I also began practicing yoga regularly this past year, which has strengthened me both physically and mentally.

Being able to learn about the lives of others has inspired me deeply to live the best life possible. This desire has prompted me to travel so I can learn more about the people living in this beautiful world. Everyone across the globe has a new story to tell and a new lesson to teach.

This fall I will be spending the semester studying abroad in Amsterdam, learning both in the classroom and as I travel. I’ll be in a completely new place, not knowing anyone, not speaking the language, yet ready to embrace it all.

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