A few months ago I was very fortunate to get a gift card to Maison Esthetique from 31 families that I am close with. Maison Esthetique is a local spa that offers many services, but what has been most helpful to me for pain management has been the Oncology Massage and Reflexology.

Reflexology is an alternative medicine in which the masseuse applies pressure through hand techniques to certain areas of the foot which are linked to certain areas of your body to relieve pain in those areas. The first time I went for reflexology it was just after I had gotten my first back surgery.

Despite being on pain medication, my back pain was still pretty bad then. I remember laying on the massage table with my back throbbing thinking “this better help me.” As Fiona, my masseuse, began the treatment on my feet I could no longer feel any pain in my back and it felt like I was floating in a cloud. I was amazed.

I also get a massage as well to help with the muscle aches throughout my body. Since they are experienced in giving massages to cancer patients there I feel very comfortable and have been able to discuss with Fiona about where I am experiencing pain which she is able to relieve through gentle pressure due to the fragility of my bones.

Fiona is the nicest lady who went to China to study reflexology. Each time I come in she is so excited to see me and gives me extra time for my massage. She told me she believes we met for a reason and she is working to heal me.

After reflexology and the massage, the pain relief lasts for several weeks and for me it has led to much less pain in my back which has allowed me to be more active. I have now gone to see Fiona three times and just had a second surgery on my back to hopefully eliminate my pain.

Reflexology Foot Map

6 thoughts on “Reflexology

  1. Love that this helps ease your pain as you stay strong during this long tough journey. You never cease to amaze me. Love you so much!!



  2. That is amazing! I truly believe in the reflexology medicine. when I was going thru chemo I got acupuncture at my infusions and it help with the nausea! Love MGH, you are in the best hands! Stay Strong!

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  3. I am so glad reflexology and Fiona are helping you through these tough times. Your positive attitude and determination is going to get you through this process. Anything is possible. Keep on Shining. Love, Auntie Anne


  4. So happy it is working so well. Your positive attitude is amazing. I agree with Eleni, Fiona is an Angel on your path to healing.


  5. Janelle! I just found this blog , and found that you are battling cancer. I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this, but you are one of the most positive students I’ve ever had, and I believe that your optimism will help you greatly. My sister had cancer in her twenties and she is healthy now and doing well, living cancer free. I’m glad that reflexology has helped to reduce your pain. Please know that you are in my thoughts and that I will be sending you lots and lots of positive vibes! ❤️


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