Vintage Shops and Market Finds

Today I had the pleasure of visiting a part of down called “De Pijp.” One of my new friends is from Belgium and has been to Amsterdam quite a few times. She showed us around where they have huge vintage shops and a daily flea market, called Albert Cuypmarkt.

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets, visiting the vintage shops, and different stands at the market. The vintage shops are huge and have piles and piles of clothing, at some of the shops you can even pay by the kilo. The country has a major focus on sustainability which is evident in how big the vintage shopping scene is.

At the flea market we visited several stands. My favorites were the ones selling fresh flowers. I am currently in search of a basket to put on my bike and once I find that I will be certain to bring some fresh flowers home to my apartment. Another cool stand we found sold drink coasters. With the help of my Belgian friend I was able to translate the sayings on some of them to “I love you to the moon and back” and “If the sun isn’t shining, create your own.” These are some of my favorite sayings that I share with my family on a daily basis and it was so great to be reminded of them so far away from them. I decided to buy them to decorate my new apartment to make it feel more like home.

Even 3,500 miles away I still feel at home here thanks to my new friends and everything Amsterdam seems to have in store for me.


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