Carrying on Janelle’s legacy

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have always wanted to continue Janelle’s blog posts but have always made excuses. I thought that I would continue her blog while I was abroad in a similar way that she did but I never made the time. Other times I have written journal entries intended to be a blog but never commit myself to that leap of faith. However, I’ve finally realized that this is no longer something I want to procrastinate. I believe the adventures I’ve been on and the journey’s I’ve endured have broadened my outlook on life wider than my eyes can see and I want to share these messages with the world.  

Janelle’s blog is essentially a time capsule and gateway to some of her highest highs and lowest lows that enabled her to have such a positive outlook on life. She had a remarkable mentality and note-worthy approach to life that many admired and continue to admire. Re-reading her blog posts are like a journey back in time. They have made me realize that we have the ability to create the legacy we leave behind and choose the messages we want to share with the world. 

The following entry is from May 17, 2019:

I have always valued journaling but never find the time to do it. I like the ability to go back and revise my work or add in other details so that is one aspect of journaling that I struggle with. I find myself annotating my life on a daily basis – this would make sense because I am the author of my own life. However, I find myself annotating my life on a deeper level. A level that offers wisdom from my experiences with adversity. A deeper level that I hope to share with others. I don’t know when and or how that will be but I want to share my outlook on life with others in a way that will bring people together. Janelle was always the one to journal. After she passed away, I spent some time cleaning through her room and found journal entries that she wrote back in the first grade about her crush and the drama that happened at recess. She journaled quite frequently and was most persistent about it while studying abroad. These journal entries were essentially rough drafts for what would become her blog posts. 

While studying abroad, Janelle created a blog called “Climbing on Trees.” The name of her blog was inspired by the Passenger song, “Anywhere.” The song includes the lyrics, “if you go climbing on trees, or through every emotion, when you know that they don’t care, Darling, that’s when I’m with you, Oh, I’ll go anywhere with you.” This song is now a reminder to my family that our guardian angel will go with us anywhere that we go. 

I have decided that I want to continue these journal entries and post them to Janelle’s blog. In April of 2018, my older sister Janelle was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an extremely aggressive and rare form of bone cancer that required her to go through rigorous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. My sister fought this grueling disease for 7 months, but eventually succumbed to it on November 24, 2018. During her battle, she demonstrated grit, an extreme mental stamina, and resilience despite the many setbacks, which only furthered my admiration for her and has fueled my ambition to carry on her legacy. 

I’m on a mission to carry on Janelle’s legacy in this world because I know that she would do the same for me. This is my starting point. 

4 thoughts on “Carrying on Janelle’s legacy

  1. Holly you are an Amazing little sister and Janelle wold be so proud of you carrying on her Legacy 💜🌻 I am so very proud of you 💜 Happy Blogging ❤️
    Love Auntie Mary


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