Beers, Bars, and Bikes

When first thinking of Amsterdam, many people think of the bikes. No one though who hasn’t been here before truly knows just HOW MUCH people bike in Amsterdam. I’ve seen just about everything when it comes to biking here, mothers with multiple children strapped onto them, men in full suits, ladies heading to work in tight black skirts with tights and stilettos, and lots of people texting while biking (which is apparently legal as long as you have one hand on the handle bars). And that’s all a typical tourist may see or some out and about the city. What not everyone sees is that people even bike to and from the bars here! Really they do, at every hour of the night you will see people biking home from the bars. A lot of them even give a friend a ride home by having them sit on the back rack, their balance is impeccable. Having people cycling the roads at all hours makes the city seem much safer throughout the night. Going home with friends after a night out is quite refreshing with a nice breeze blowing in your face.


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